Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Unstoppables

I can’t tell you how many players I have seen with great work ethics but little if any insight or coaching. I was fortunate enough to have a coach take interest in me at a young age who taught me the fundamentals of basketball. Today, there is no excuse. The Internet has made the world a small place and with the touch of a button you can find basketball training websites and videos to learn from.

With that being said, today I want to give you some direction into what you should be working on in the off-season. If you read my post “The Godwin Theory” I gave you some insight into my mental preparation to every upcoming game. In the off-season I had the same approach. My main objective was to focus on game like situations, in particular the moves I call the unstoppables. The unstoppables are the moves that NBA players hone in on to score at will. Most people feel that scoring titles are attained during the season, but I’m going to show you that most scoring takes place in the off-season.

In my DVD, The Fundamentals of Scoring, I present a variety of moves that are will increase your scoring but my favorite is “The Step Back.” The step back move when executed correctly is absolutely unstoppable. I would say that if there were any one move that you should master it would be this one. There are two ways to perform the step back. First, off the dribble and second, out of the triple threat position. The advantage of the step back is that it creates space between you and the defender allowing you to get your shot off anywhere on the court.
In the video below I show you how to perform the step back move out of the triple threat position. Your focus will be on your pivot foot. Some referees in the NBA and college are lenient on calling travels, but make sure the ball is leaving your hands as your pivot foot is coming off of the floor.

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