Sunday, December 7, 2008

Learn from Chris Paul

Since I see the game from both the player and coaches perspective, I love it when a guy comes along that makes the game look easy. What most players could learn from Chris Paul is that the key to his success comes from one theory: Be quick but not in a rush. This is a theory that I elaborated on in my first DVD The Fundamentals of Scoring.

To be quick but not in a rush basically means you must control your speed. Think of yourself like a stick shift; first gear is walking, second is a light jog, third is running and fourth is accelerating to your fastest speed. Chris Paul has the ability to go from first to fourth in the blink of an eye but more importantly every time he does so it is for a purpose.

As much as I love college basketball, most to they players do not understand this theory. A lot of young players get the ball and want to go to fourth gear right away. Just like a car traveling at top speed they are out of control and end up making a bad decision. Paul understands this theory and this is why he is almost impossible to guard. The next time you see him play this year, focus on his timing and acceleration. You will find that his moving from first to fourth gear usually ends up in a lay up for himself or alley opp to Tyson Chandler.

Paul is now the model of what a point guard can and should be. There are a lot of players in the NBA with his athletic ability but few posses his mastery of the quick/rush theory.

Paul’s game is a work of art that anyone can learn from with practice and patience.

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